[hackerspaces] hackerspace awards

riot lists.riot at fedev.eu
Fri Feb 12 16:34:13 CET 2010

Jeff Cotten wrote:
> Would any other hackerspace members be interested in organizing some kind of hackerspace award?
> I was thinking some kind of good spirited competition to see what kinds of innovations we can cook up in our projects.

As pointed out by many previous posters, imho competition lacks the overall
opensourcy, diy, free spirit.

But awards don't need such a hard competitive spirit.

Here at Voidspace (CCCAC) we currently have one award for our members: EOTM
(Employee of the month) which is awarded monthly to a single member who has done
something good for the space.

But everbody keeps this award (on his wiki-userpage) so we keep on awarding until
everyone has one.

Its rather pointless - but funny. And it might eventually encourage lazy members
to actually get one ;)


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