[hackerspaces] hackerspace awards

Georges Kesseler georgeskesseler at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 10 17:09:50 CET 2010

quemener.yves at free.fr wrote:
>> Getting it from this prototype into something using off-the-shelf CD
>> printing printers is a little challenge but doable. I would have done
>> it
>> but lacked the printer :-)
>> As for the huge storage, it currently holds 30 disks. And also it's
>> now
>> collecting dust as my CD collection is digitized and harddisk space
>> is
>> so cheap that the need to write DVDs ist quite low.
>> So time has killed the project.
> Would a (mostly moral) award have revive it ?
Thanks for this great moral award. I will place it near the changer, so
it could collect the same dust.
On the other hand, meanwhile we have a hackerspace in luxembourg, so the
idea could live on and prosper there.


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