[hackerspaces] hackerspace awards

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Tue Feb 9 23:01:24 CET 2010

Jeff Cotten wrote:
> Something that not only demonstrates innovation, but is something that all hackerspaces could benefit from.

I would be interested in a "make this thing cheaper" award. The idea would
be to replicate for less than, let's say $200, the functionality of an
expensive machine in a DIY way.

Does it need to be a competition ? I think that awarding meritant project
is good enough. Let's say that the cheapening factor has to be around x20
for instance (replicate for $200 the functionality of a $4000 machine) at
the moment of the award.

If there is competition, I would suggest to make the prize of low financial
value but of high moral value. That would help keep a cooperation spirit.

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