[hackerspaces] kids, insurances, parental control

Stefan Arentz stefan at arentz.ca
Tue Feb 9 17:41:18 CET 2010

On 2010-02-09, at 11:11 AM, jaromil wrote:

> i also understand  the liability crap one has  to deal with, depending
> from his/her country's  laws.. but then as Henk  suggests let's please
> open  another  list  for  all  this  talk, i  don't  think  is  really
> interesting  for everyone  to discuss  it ad  libitum...

Sounds more like a case of "I don't want to listen that crap so move it off list".

Personally I think it is all very much relevant and for me it was really interesting to read how other spaces deal with those things. I think it totally has a place on this mailing list, which is all about running spaces and the issues surrounding that. Right?


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