[hackerspaces] revspace and randomdata in the news re wikileaks ddos story

Bkay hacking at security4all.be
Fri Dec 10 23:38:57 CET 2010

> There are so many things we can do against that 'censorship', and we are
> doing. Think of the mirrors. Think of more intelligent measures: try
> to circumvent the hold on DNS that the US has. Think of a new, better
> matter of connecting people in the digital world that doesn't involve
> the broken and old internet. There is so much more we can do other than
> just breaking things.

Agreed, for once a lot of people are standing behind wikileaks (or at least
being anti-anti-wikileaks or for press freedom!) and the DDoS of Anonymous
was not needed to do that. Although even Anon said themselves that they were
not hackers....BUT all the media is about how hackers can bring down
websites, destroying what positive news there was in recent years in the
media about what hacking was really about. Like Koen said, the backlash
might be even more draconian laws now to "control" the internet. There is
already one on the table
<http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2010/12/shield/>increasing danger
for future 'leakers'.

> I'm not talking about news sources, they're all lying anyway. I'm talking
> about what people on the street think.
and they will just believe the media is saying at the moment while being
horrible wrong.....

> It's not, it deflects attention from the actual cause. The ddos has had the
> result, in nl at least, that the media are primarily talking about how you
> can ddos a site, what these teens are thinking, etc.. It has deflected
> attention from the actual content of the cables, which is probably just how
> the US govmt would want to see it. So actually these script-kiddies are
> helping the US to confuse the message that is being sent out.
And they even DDoS'd Twitter for a moment while that it's one of the best
communication channels of Wikileaks just to give 1 example on how the DDoS
caused at least as much damage as it is good. It's like a 6-year kid with a
bazooka to kill a fly. Let's forget ethics, let's forget the law.... they
are not doing anyone any good and that's my opinion about it. I wonder about
the average age of people participating in the DDoS.

Talk about it online and help with mirrors....sign petitions, start
petitions, code new
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