[hackerspaces] Call for HELP!! Hacker-sourced PechaKucha Talk

Ashley McClelland armcclelland at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 22:57:45 CEST 2010

Hi everyone,

I'll be giving a talk on, generally, hackerspace at the ideaSPARK section of
an artsy/hacky conference in the Raleigh, NC area called "sparkcon" --

OK, so here's where YOU come in. The theme for my talk is very generally
explaining what hackerspaces are, and why they are awesome. The audience
will be varied, and definitely not *full of hackers*, but I want everyone
present to be able to think "SWEET!" in one way or another.

After throwing around some ideas in IRC (#trihack on freenode -- a channel
for the upcoming hackerspace(s) in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area), we came up
with the idea to present hackerspaces in the theme of metaphor and simile.
If you're interested in helping me out with this (I WOULD RATHER NOT WRITE
to this thread with a simile/metaphor that you think represents what a
hackerspace is. It can be funny, serious, or both. And it *should* include
an accompanying slide if you really want me to use it! (I might butcher your
idea, otherwise, visually.)
Hackerspaces are like keggers with geek toys.
Hackerspaces are like Montessori Schools for adults
Hackerspaces void warranties or "hackerspaces are where voiding warranties
is a way of life"
A hackerspace is a physical community where technology, art, and imagination
intersect and multiply.
And so on!

I will give cred however you want (Name, @twitter, website, etc!) Just add
it to the slide (powerpoint form preferred, but I can convert if needed-- no
worries. PDF/jpg is even ok.) Also include the hackerspace you are currently
a part of, and a URL to the site if desired.

Thanks in advance! I have a week to gather all of this, and I'll be
spreading the thread to other hackerspaces as well. I need 20 ideas/slides
-- so if you make me a slide also, your idea is basically guaranteed to get

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