[hackerspaces] Translating word 'hackerspace' to other languages?

Blackhold blackholdmailer at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 04:28:50 CEST 2010

here each place we call it "hacklab" (hacking laboratory), but also
one of our places is called "laboratorio microexperimental"
(microexperimental lab).

we define the word hackerspace to a rizomatik of hacklabs, but it is
still a very early project that will try to locate all these
collectives that work on opensource, openhardware, openculture and all
related to show internet and computers to most people as possible.

->we are a sentimentalist ;)

- Blackhold
No atribueixis sentiments humans a les màquines, simplement no els agrada.
Sé ecológico y en los mails borra el texto que no interesa (firmado:
los administradores de la lista).

On Sat, Aug 28, 2010 at 13:32, Jarkko Moilanen <Jarkko.Moilanen at uta.fi> wrote:
> Hi,
> The following might sound childish, but respecting own language (as well as
> other languages) is fundamental to some of us, at least for me.
> I was wondering how people from non-English speaking countries have
> translated the word 'hackerspace'? The issue has been around among Finnish
> hackers for several months and we can't seem to find a solution to this. We
> need to talk about hackerspaces is Finnish to non-hackers and alike and a
> good word is definitely needed. Some Finnish hackers use term 'hacklab' but
> it is not Finnish. Everyone knows that direct translation hardly ever works.
> How to translate hackerspace to single and similar striking word in other
> languages? Of course we can use longer term or give an explanation, which we
> do, but that is not ideal. I bet others have found solutions to this
> situation. Could you give us some light or direction how to solve this
> issue? Or is it just a question of time; a suitable word will just pop up?
> Oh! and sorry if I wasted your time (and inbox space) with this ridiculous
> non-technical question ;)
> cheers,
> Jarkko
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