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Dear HackerSpaces worldwide.

Between the 27th and 29th October 2010 Luxembourg will host a nice
IT-Security Conference with a lot of cool content.

"Watch this space for more official info:


There is still a lot to be defined but for those who have participated
last year know that the Quality will be good.
Also the local HackerSpace SYN2cat might do some underground social
event (similar to last years) and seeing IT-Guys dance (me included) is
just priceless.

We as a HackerSpace will do a Soldering/Coding workshop with the
following Arduino Clone:


I think this comes out of NYC-Resistor so thanks for that!

It will be free for Hackerspaces members (if.... read on)

So obviously I don't really wanna go on about the Conference but rather
ask if some of you are willing to bring the HackerSpaces spirit to the
conference and pack your things and join us on a combined HackerSpaces

I know this is rather difficult for our Trans-Atlantic friends but I
guess our neighbours (France, Germany, Belgium) would be quite cool to
come! (If anyone from TransAnt will be in the Micro-hood join us!)

If you want to be part of this, we can provide the following:

- - space to sleep (for free... yay)
- - a nice breakfast (you just need to help shopping)
- - a cool party
- - a cool place to Hack

All we want in exchange is:

- - you to Hack with us
- - create the sphere, the Atmo-Sphere
- - Bring some cool stuff your Space did (Pocket-sized things can be the
coolest sometimes!)

Consider this conference (as a matter of fact any conference) a place to
temporarily Hack away and connect with like minded people.

So interested? Gimme a shout how many of you want to come and we will
arrange Stuff!

See you hopefully soon,



btw, Luxembourg is here:

And our Space (with Neato Pictures) is here:


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