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Wed Aug 25 07:00:35 CEST 2010


I am proud to announce the birth of the Le Localhost non-profit
association, which is the hackerspace project in Lille, (north of) France.

The next step is obviously get a new place to re-start our hackerspace.
We still consider the now empty squat Les Hauts Lieux as an option since
we do not think the negociations with Inditex/Zara as being over; on the
other hand, we have opened negociations with the Municipality of Lille,
and we hope this can give good results. And we still have in mind that we
*can* start a new squat to host our hackerspace...

We will hold a booth at the so called "Braderie de Lille", which is one of
the biggest popular events here in France. It takes place every first
week-end of september (this year: saturday the 4th and sunday the 5th of
september). Do not hesitate to come and meet us if you happen to be near
our city!

Best regards,

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