[hackerspaces] gmc's tour of US hackerspaces (was Re: Hippie Hacker Tour 010)

Stewart Dickson MathArt at Emsh.CalArts.edu
Wed Aug 18 17:55:20 CEST 2010

  I'm still puzzling over the whole concept of Viral Media.  I succumbed 
to the first wave of Internet Pronoia in 1995.
But, I never experienced my bubble.

Cory Doctorow's "Makers" -- the Inspiration for the MakerSpace-Urbana 
Is more or less about my life, except -- And I have been professionally 
into Digital Sculpture since 1991 --
I can't make a living -- even in an abandoned WalMart -- by making 
sculpture and selling it to collectors on-line.

So, my list of links is partly to solve the problem of forgetting 
where-all I've posted stuff.
And, yeah, partly to seed the noosphere, to engineer a meme that might 
carry forward my work.

I put it at the end.
Hope it wasn't too annoying.


On 8/18/10 10:38 AM, Matthew McCabe wrote:
> ...
> On a completely different note, what is up with the laundry list of
> links at the end of your e-mail, Stewart?  Working on your SEO? ;)
> -Matt

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