[hackerspaces] The Club-Mate Design Pattern, now for US Hackerspaces!

Julian Finn julian at phinn.de
Sun Aug 8 15:42:57 CEST 2010

Ron Bean wrote:
> "Nick Farr (hackerspaces.org)" <nick at hackerspaces.org>
> A third option would be to find out if the Club-Mate people in Europe
> would sell you just the syrup, for local carbonation (which is the easy
> part). That's the way the fast-food people do it, which means all the
> major brands (and some not-so-major ones) are available that way.
> If you don't want to build your own carbonator, you might convince a 
> small bottler to run it through their bottling machine for you.
> It really doesn't make much sense to ship water all the way from Europe.
without knowing it exactly I would assume, Club Mate isn't made out of
syrup and carbonated water but rather is produced in a brewing process.
Well it is made by a small German brewery anyway.



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