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Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 22:18:27 CEST 2010

Hey cjp,

I believe that 'unincor. association' is the default legal term for
'just some folks doing something'.  It's fine, but you can't get a
bank account like that, and things have to be in an individual persons
name.  (IANAL).

For documents, head to http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/ and grab their
'Design Patterns' and 'Example bylaws' from

There are two hackerspace con's going on soon too. One in fall in
Huntsville Alabama, and one in Feb/March somewhere in The Sprawl (DC
to NYC, somewhere). Both are going to be a great weekend trip to check
out what others are up to, and see what a space can be when it rocks.

hack on,
- Far McKon

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On Wed, Aug 4, 2010 at 3:32 PM, Christopher J. Pilkington <cjp at 0x1.net> wrote:
> My apologies if this is off topic, if so, point me in the right
> direction.  Persons outside common law countries/states will
> likely find this less than relevant due to our quirky legal
> system; my apologies in advance.
> Syracuse Innovators Guild (Syracuse, New York) is in the process
> of getting some sort of organization together so that we can get
> a bank account, collect dues and lease some space.  We have
> verbal committment from about a dozen potential members.
> Someone had mentioned that it might not be necessary for us to
> form a Corporation or LLC to get started; it might be possible
> to just form an unincorporated association.
> I was wondering if anyone on the list had considered this
> possibility, and what they had found.  The more information I
> and the other "core members" have would be helpful in our
> decision making.
> Personally, I feel that the less paperwork I need to file with
> the government, the better.
> Also, someone had mentioned to be at HOPE that there was a
> hackerspace formation primer floating around, if anyone knows
> about this document, send me the URI, etc.
> Thanks,
> -cjp
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