[hackerspaces] [hackerspaces-announce] [German] Einladung zur Gründungsversammlung des fNordeingang

Simon Dorfman simon at gumbolabs.org
Fri Apr 9 22:42:31 CEST 2010

Here's a google translation:

Invitation to the inaugural meeting of the fNordeingang
Ladies, gentlemen and hackers!

The fNordeingang in Neuss invites you to its inaugural meeting.
The meeting will be held on 21.04.2010 held in the monastery's cellar at
Neuss Cathedral Square at 20:00 clock.

At this inaugural meeting a statute is passed, approved the funding for
premises. Who here would like to participate, and has good ideas is welcome.

The aim is to establish a hacker space in Neuss and space for creativity and
to provide technical know-how. Besides the classic hacker space concept
should serve as a co-fNordeingang Working Space for home workers and the
self without fixed premises. It's about trying out new infrastructures for
modern, open plan work to bring together people with different skills.
Cultural events and workshops round out the picture.

The existing infrastructure in Nrw Hacker Space is the foundation of the
fNordeingangs be extended.

If you want to wear to participate in the founding meeting, here
http://doodle.com/fhy72yvd6bbyiq8f one so we know roughly how many people

See you soon,
the Chaostreff Neuss
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