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Though some people theorize and emphasize too much about people, one thing's 
for sure: You broaden your horizon on many levels. You'll see new ways how to 
do things. at least hacking is about creating (mis-)applying cool tech. But 
through interaction with other hackers, your hacking time can be much more 
productive. Or one the other hand much less, if you get too (meta-)involved 
in all the social/orga-stuff. *scnr*
But there's often a time, where you stuck on your level and cannot improve 
your skills on your own. And there a community/space boost you often enough 
to new heights.
concrete examples? better your understandings of device drivers or embedded 
systems with building a microcontroller board and toy with its applications. 
People can often get you interesting job possibilities if you wanna explore 
new fields. picking locks will show you, that hacking can be done on the 
analog level too, or someone can help you, if you loose your key. You might 
enjoy to work in softwareprojects, which could help your hackerspace (there's 
only so much you can imagine als a lone person) or even have fun teaching 
other people in softwarehacking. Or perhaps they have a faster cluster than 
you or satellite access, which could come in handy.
and if anything don't work, you have a good disguise and point to start when 
some network node is veeery interesting :]
Whatever it is, i bet you'll like it (at least the practical/hands on 
aspects)  :)

hf, angora.

Am Dienstag 27 Oktober 2009 23:26:41 schrieb Samantha Atkins:
> I visited the dojo and I was curious about something.   At the moment I
> have a day job and live alone, so I can do my auxiliary/future hacking at
> home.   What sort of advantages might someone like me get from Hacker Dojo
> membership?  Is there a level of communication / services / networking /
> equipment that might be beneficial?  I hack software.
> - s
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