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On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 1:36 PM, Hellekin O. Wolf (/tmp/lab)
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> Hola BlackHold
> you have several ways to register your spaces on the wiki.
> First, you can use the city categories, which will list both spaces (and
> others) under a /wiki/Barcelona page.
> Second, if you want to keep both spaces under a generic name, create a page
> for the generic name (e.g. /wiki/HackBCN) and one page under this one per
> space, (e.g. /wiki/HackBCN/KernelPunkies, /wiki/HackBCN/OtherPlace).
> The first solution will work anyway as long as you mention the city for both
> spaces.

ok, thanks. Then I'll take a look later ;)

> I'm curious to hear about this "clan" organization. It doesn't seem to fit
> with Nick Farr's framework so far, would you help characterizing it?

we don't want to get trouble if people wants a name or an other, or
they want to get interested in a kind of projects or with others.

these spaces are simply computers rooms and simply let a place to
enjoy learning. It's a place for meeting, and we decided we don't have
"asambleas", if it is needed something simply try to get it. If some
machine don't work, simply reinstall it.

all things that will appear will be defined when it appear.

we don't want anarchism, socialism, fascism, asamblearism, ... why
triyng to put in order a thing that always is in disorder? all the
people of this hackerspaces, we come from other hacklabs and we know
what happens when you try to put in order the disorder. Let the
disorder be disorder ;)

> Adéu,


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