[hackerspaces] How to mark/tag your Hackerspace on openstreetmap.org?

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Fri Oct 23 18:31:54 CEST 2009

Hi folks!

How did you tag your Hackerspace on openstreetmap.org? I've looked at
various spaces and - among them - found tags as:
- amenity: library
- land-use: geeks
- amenity: pub (hello c-base ;)
- leisure: hackerspace

If you know it, post your own space's meta data, please.

Shouldn't we make up something nice and unify that globally? What
meta information is of interest and publishable, maybe?

I'm asking, because we (CCCAC, FeDeV) are planning a very detailed 
survey of our new space's surroundings and we just added our location 
to osm.


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