[hackerspaces] AK4 eviction

Dave Null noid23 at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 00:21:50 CEST 2009

Well ain't that just a kick in the teeth. Sad that the owner would
rather see the location sit empty* than see it used constructively.
Hell, he could have just written off the location as 'good will' or
'doing his part for the community' until such time as he had a renter
or wanted to sell it.

So, the next question, are these poor bastards going to need financial
assistance for their legal woes?


*not sure about Sweden, but if a location sits empty long enough here
it ends up covered in gang graffiti and someone will eventually start
smoking crack in it, really brings up the neighborhood :)

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On Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 3:16 PM, Sven Guckes
<maillist-hackerspaces-discuss at guckes.net> wrote:
> * Johannes Grenzfurthner <jg at monochrom.at> [2009-10-08 00:04]:
>> Sébastien Bourdeauducq <sebastien.bourdeauducq at lekernel.net>:
>>> I am sorry to inform you that early this morning the cops
>>> raided the  AK4 squat where the Abbenay hacklab was set up,
>>> and 16 people were arrested. The joys of Sweden...
>>> So far, I do not know if Fredrik Winberg made
>>> any further contact with anyone involved,
>>> nor if the squatters have been released.
>> i scream "bullenschweine!" (cop pigs) from the bottom of my heart!
> "ohmygod they killed KA4!"
> comiserations!
> Sven
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