[hackerspaces] What form of organization does your hackerspace use?

Bartosz Kostrzewa bartek at fastmail.net
Tue Oct 6 09:07:33 CEST 2009

Todd Willey wrote:
 > The Board
> Our board consists of people from our local chamber of commerce,
> universities, and higher ups at the local big-name tech companies
> (Lexmark & HP).  This helps give us the legitimacy we need to raise
> funds.  The board likes that they are fostering innovation, and see it
> is an economic development boost, because Lexington loves brains more
> than zombies do.  The board is glad to help us organize things, find
> money, and host events, but most ideas come from the membership, where
> there isn't a set hierarchy.  While the board is going to be a source
> of some money and resources, we hope the majority will come from other
> charitable individuals and businesses in the area.
> The Angels
> By relying on outside sources we're going to make membership as
> accessible as possible ($5 / month for students).  The less barriers
> there are to experimenting the better.  So we developed a board that
> has some a-list players, joined up with a community foundation to get
> tax-exemption, and are just now starting to go begging.  I think it
> will be successful, and free up hackers to hack, and those that are
> interested enough can take the reins and try to find monies.

That's an interesting approach, especially the part about freeing up
members' time for projects!

Would you care to elaborate how you got companies interested in
supporting a hackerspace during these times? We've tried contacting
quite a number for sponsorship but haven't received any replies. Do they
expect something in return?



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