[hackerspaces] What form of organization does your hackerspace use?

Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 05:21:34 CEST 2009

Hive76 started out as a 'superhero' space, with (adimittedly) me doing most
of the work organizationally, with a bunch of people doing cool stuff in the
space. Over the last month the management has started to even out and spread
out.  I think it's probably closer to 'Member' space now.

IMHO, I think hackerspaces are best done as Member own/run/managed, but I
can understand that's not always practical. I think the 'member run/managed'
is the best way of meeting the needs of the member/user/owners, and is just
good (tm)* I personally don't think commercial for-profit setups really
should be called hackerspaces (and should be discouraged, if they want to).
Fab lab or 'tool gym' or something .  Hackerspace or Makerspace (in my mind
at least) are community run and/or not for profit.  I also thing the name
inplies a smaller size, an easily accessible management.

That said, I think any space is better than no space, and practice generally
trumps theory.

-hack on,
Far McKon

* I have facts to back my fuzzy feelings, but it's probably more than you
really want to read.
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