[hackerspaces] Startup publicity and the MAKE: blog

Ron Bean bucketworks at rbean.users.panix.com
Sun Nov 29 22:02:20 CET 2009

Sean Bonner <seanbonner at gmail.com> writes:

>You have to remember that sites like MAKE are there to write about
>things they think are worth talking about and not as publicity
>machines for everyone elses projects.

The reason I asked the question is that it's not at all clear how they
decide what's worth blogging about and what isn't-- in many cases they
do appear to write about things that are pretty trivial. They also have
a regular (weekly?) posting about "events", and again it's not clear 
what their criteria are about what to include.                          

And to some extent they *have* implied that they like to give publicity
to projects, at least some of the time-- note particularly the post 
about Workshop88, which is very similar to what we (and a lot of other
groups) are doing, and isn't related to any particular event.

Not that they have any kind of obligation, but their criteria seem to be
a bit of a mystery.

MAKE aside, it might be worth starting an additional page at
hackerspaces.org to list meetings of groups that are just starting up.
Finding that first critical mass is the same problem everyone faces in
the beginning. Of course we're always open to suggestions, but the ones
I've seen so far tend to be pretty nonspecific. It's one thing to say 
"give them what they want"-- but what exactly is that?

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