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Hey Far,

Too bad I'll miss the open house.  Congrats on the new space.  I'll be in Philly in Jan, on my way back from 26C3.  If you're around in mid-Jan, I'd love to come by.  Maybe do a workshop?


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> Subject: Re: [hackerspaces] Startup publicity and the MAKE: blog
> My experience: I've sent a bunch (10 things maybe?)  to Make:Blog for
> Hive76 (current hackerspace) Make:Philly (make club) and  The Hacktory
> (previous hackerspace).  I've had about  a 1 in 4 post rate of what
> I've suggested for links.  To me, it just seems that they know their
> audience and target, and pick stuff (natch) they feel would most
> interest their readers.  I'd suggest just try, try again, and don't be
> discouraged if something isn't posted.
> Speaking of which, Hive76 just moved spaces, and Dec 5th we're going
> to have a (small, semi-private) open house with food and drink. If you
> are in Philadelphia (or know some awesome folks) email me and I'll
> send 'em an invite.
> hack on,
> - Far McKon
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