[hackerspaces] Startup publicity and the MAKE: blog

Simon Dorfman simon at gumbolabs.org
Sun Nov 29 17:21:27 CET 2009

A how-to post from our blog got mentioned on Make:

Ben, the author of the how-to, mentioned that he thought Make was more
likely to reblog something that mentions a product that they sell in their
online store (in this case, a Parallax RFID reader).


P.S.-I got my undergrad film degree from UWM back in '99. I was not the only
tinkerer in the program. Experimental filmmakers and animators are into
optical printers and other tinkery stuff. I think putting up some flyers in
the basement of Mitchell Hall <http://www4.uwm.edu/map/vt-cent.cfm> would
probably help find some interested folks. Also, try putting up a flyer at
Riverwest Film & Video (824 E. Center St.).

On Sun, Nov 29, 2009 at 7:48 AM, Ron Bean <bucketworks at rbean.users.panix.com
> wrote:

> It was nice to see that Workshop88 got a mention on the MAKE: blog, but
> I've submitted our website before and they've never listed us-- even
> though we're (slightly) further along in our planning than Workshop88
> is. So, what's the secret of getting their attention?
> More to the point, there must be other hackerspaces/makerspaces that are
> in startup-mode and could use the publicity-- and MAKE readers are
> exactly the demographic we're looking for.
> So, if anyone has any contacts at the MAKE: blog, I think what we'd
> really like them to do is to post a weekly listing of groups that are
> starting up and need members, and where and when they're meeting. The
> idea is to tell people that if they've checked hackerspaces.org in the
> past and didn't find anyone in their area, it's time to check again.
> BTW we're calling ourselves a "Makerspace" rather than a "Hackerspace".
> The name was picked before I got involved, so I don't know the reasoning
> behind it.
> http://www.milwaukeemakerspace.org/
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