[hackerspaces] Startup publicity and the MAKE: blog

Ron Bean bucketworks at rbean.users.panix.com
Sun Nov 29 14:48:26 CET 2009

It was nice to see that Workshop88 got a mention on the MAKE: blog, but
I've submitted our website before and they've never listed us-- even
though we're (slightly) further along in our planning than Workshop88 
is. So, what's the secret of getting their attention?

More to the point, there must be other hackerspaces/makerspaces that are
in startup-mode and could use the publicity-- and MAKE readers are
exactly the demographic we're looking for.

So, if anyone has any contacts at the MAKE: blog, I think what we'd
really like them to do is to post a weekly listing of groups that are
starting up and need members, and where and when they're meeting. The
idea is to tell people that if they've checked hackerspaces.org in the
past and didn't find anyone in their area, it's time to check again.

BTW we're calling ourselves a "Makerspace" rather than a "Hackerspace". 
The name was picked before I got involved, so I don't know the reasoning 
behind it.                 


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