[hackerspaces] Keep your shirt on!

Hans Fraiponts fraiponts at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 16:47:58 CET 2009

Hey ppl,

Random idea: we're in the process of printing t-shirts.

Shirts are a fun way to get the word out and bring some funding in.
Also marketing-wise it's a huge opportunity, the market is everybody
in the world with an upper body. ;-)

Now the question is who will buy them? We've got enough visitors so we
should be able to sell them all.

But I was thinking, wouldn't the other spaces be interested in our
shirt? I would be happy to buy shirts from other spaces.
Also, as much I love our space, I won't be buying five shirts of the
same design. So I'll spend only the money for one or two shirts.
If other spaces offered to buy a shirt via their site/mail I would
certainly do it.

- (sort of) exclusive shirt
- hacker related
- not too pricey
- lot's of spaces, big variety of shirts
- the warm fuzzy feeling of helping a fellow space

Maybe other spaces have their own little cottage industry 'thing' they
sell to get a bit of cash (t-shirts, electonic kits, reprap
Maybe we can set up a page on the wiki where spaces can announce their
goods? Think of it like a hackers-for-hackers thinkgeek?
There has to be *some* redaction that only things that are made by a
space are on it and the profits go entirely to the space.

As I said, just some thoughts on the subject.

Comments, ideas, feedback much appreciated!



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