[hackerspaces] RFC: Hackerspace in a Box

Bartosz Kostrzewa bartek at fastmail.net
Wed Nov 18 13:50:10 CET 2009

A little forward for David (Kwisatz) as his mail server is acting up.


Hi there,

I'd say that basically, it all comes down to improving inter-spaces

We were also looking into a membership management application and have
been talking to the local Linux User's Group (LiLux) about it. We've
also been working on occupancy indicator (OpenDuino), etc..

All of this is free software and available through subversion but
probably nobody knows, as we didn't know others had done the same thing.
(Well, I must admit that we didn't really look for it either, simply
because we're hackers and we like to hack on stuff, not just use it,
right? ;) )

Most of us will have working systems or will be working on such
projects. This is where the WikiSpaces project comes back in. A couple
of people with some free time on their hands should invest it in
completing the last few steps to get most (those using mediawiki)
hackerspace's projects on the hackerspaces.org site, providing a nice
overview over ongoing (and achieved) projects.

Also, I suggest to have multiple "hackerspaces in a box", one for the
python enthusiasts, another one for the php folks, etc..

Considering that several spaces have already begun or completed work on
such applications, and also considering that some people, especially in
the hackerspaces context, don't really like conformism and
standardisation (also see above), I'd suggest to try and throw these
things together using a very minimal API.

The Hackathon could, besides the WikiSpaces project, of course be a neat
occasion for getting a working group on this stuff together. Provided
either the Europeans or the (continental) Americans are going to make
this a night-time project. ;)



----- "Kive" <kive at kive.me> schrieb:
> Along the lines of the Hackathon happening this weekend, several of us
are considering tackling this idea of a "Hackerspace in a Box". Not my
concept, but I'm afraid I don't know who in the Southeast US what I
heard of originated from many months ago.
> I hope I'm not stepping on many toes here...
> In my view, this includes:
>  - membership tracking system
>  - API and sample plugins for provisioning, deprovisioning, and
reprovisioning services (security badges, e-mail accounts, whatever)
>  - member account management portal
>  - API and plug-ins for payment gateways (google payments, paypal,
etc...) to handle dues and donations
>  - API and Android application for member account management
>  - simple accounting system (as simple and automated as possible)
>  - high level of customization decoupled from core applications
(simplified upgrades, ability to turn stuff off so you can use existing
things like wikis, mailing lists, etc...)
>  - reporting (mostly financial)

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