[hackerspaces] HackerSpace movement, history and development

Far McKon farmckon at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 22:58:50 CET 2009

I think that is pretty fantastic stuff, I've been reading backwards
through your other posts. I'm glad the '6 core parts of a hackerspace'
thing hit a bell somewhere.

One thing I noticed looking at your hackerspace dataset, I'd encourage
you to take a 3 year of running as a base count for 'existence' of a
space.  A lot of people want to kick off a space, but they (or the
community) don't have the strength to follow through more than a  year
or two.  IMHO, a space that exists less than 3 years doesn't add much
data to the system. Or perhaps count spaces founded as 'existed more
than 3 years' and 'existed less than 3 years.'  Or something.

hack on,
- Far McKon

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