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Fri Nov 13 20:53:11 CET 2009

Hey Jonas,

I understand your rage, and my feeling about all those spaces that  
made it on the list as 'building' or even 'planned' that are making a  
great efford to set up a location and become active is pretty much the  
same as yours: for hackerspaces.org surely is not just a little list  
of hackerspaces one might want to visit on one's holidays abroad, but  
majorly a platform for people to exchange ideas, give feedback, and  
help each other with building a hackerspace. To me, and to a lot of  
other people I'm sure, this whole movement definitely is about the  
community we build, and the world that we are able to change.

However, I'm sure who emptied the page is aware of their mistake by  
now and very sorry about it. Pages on the hackerspaces wiki aren't  
generally deleted except they contain any kind of spam, malicious  
links, etc. - which is done by those people administering the wiki.  
Never have I seen anyone abuse their rights in these regards.
Now about emptying various pages: this is super fast to do, and in  
fact we had a bot coming around once or twice that did exactly that -  
regardless of whether a page was emptied accidentally or not though,  
it's super easy to restore. And isn't this editing-made-easy process  
definitely is what wikis are best at? ;) Personally, I haven't seen  
this happening before on the wiki, and I am absolutely sure it's just  
been a misunderstanding.

So don't be mad, accidents happen, and nobody wants to kick anyone  
else off anything I'm sure =)

Hack on,

On Nov 13, 2009, at 1:16 PM, Jonas Lerch wrote:

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> Would you please stop deleting pages with justifications like: "not a
> physical hackerspace. a website for a local CCC meeting"?
> I am actually pretty mad right now...
> Thanks
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