[hackerspaces] Linux Learnfest

druid at stonedcoder.org druid at stonedcoder.org
Wed Nov 11 18:34:52 CET 2009

Hey guys, I've been working on some new class ideas for HTINK, and came up 
with this new learnfest format.


It's meant to address a larger group of peoples wildly varied skill levels 
approaching a broad topic. The first one is linux but the plan is to offer 
these types of sessions for other topics.

Comments? The multiple instructors, a la carte menu of offerings, and 
organized "sessions" in this combination is kinda a gamble but for smaller 
classes, and students freedom to choose from multiple topics in a single 
day, it's worth going out on a limb. I think it addresses a lot of 
problems with classic linux education options by providing free form 
access to professional knowledge in a socially open setting.

Any comments appreciated, I'm finalizing the offering/announcement today.

Also, makenyc is having it's 16th (17th) meeting! http://www.makenyc.org/

It's the first time we are repeating an old makenyc, a challenge where 
people have to lift bags of quarters using a toy blimp heavily modified 
with available materials and drop said bag within a 1' by 1' square target 
area :). Should be win.


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