[hackerspaces] Pecha Kucha Presentation about Gumbo Labs, a New Orleans Hacker Space

Simon Dorfman simon at gumbolabs.org
Wed Nov 11 16:43:02 CET 2009

Hello fellow-hackers,

I just posted a video of a presentation I gave at Pecha Kucha a couple weeks
ago.  Here's the video:

I was trying to reach out to the New Orleans artist community and get them
interested in Gumbo Labs, our newly formed hacker space.

It was well received and it prompted some artists to seek us out as
collaborators for an interesting installation project.

I encourage y'all to reach out to artists near your hacker space.  Pecha
Kucha is a great way to reach that crowd, check to see if there's a Pecha
Kucha meeting on your city on their website:

Another great place to meet artists interested in hacking: dorkbot.  I'm
sure many of you know about them already.  See if they meet in your city on
their website: http://dorkbot.org/

Simon Dorfman
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