[hackerspaces] --> [HSs] (tag change?)

Bernhard Tittelbach xro at realraum.at
Fri May 15 21:37:31 CEST 2009

marc schrieb:
> yee people
> would someone opose to change the list's tag from [hackerspaces] to  
> [HSs] or [HS]?


In a world of TLA [1] and TLAs [2] I prefer immediately obvious Mail Headers
intended for Human reading.

Sure, my mailserver dumps everything into one folder anyway, but that's not the
case for everybody.

Point is, "HS" carries so little Information, I would prefer you strip the tag
completely and we all just rely on the List-ID Header.

> i think long tags, even long subjects, are annoying in general in the  
> mid-long term.... for the short term, 'hackerspaces' is present in the  
> domain and people will get quickly which list is the weirdly tagged  
> [HSs] or [HS]... we'll had less to read and use less servers storage  
> that way..

I think computer technology has progressed to the point, were it is now
generally accepted praxis to spare a few bytes per message if that improves
human computer interaction. ;->

At a frequeny of 100 mails per day (judging liberally from the last few days) ,
10bytes per message might save 3megabytes over the next 10 years.

Having said that, I won't object to trying it out, but I think there's no good
reason for it.

> if later it makes confusion, we can switch back
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