[hackerspaces] More kids+hackerspaces stuff...

webzeug at gbks.net webzeug at gbks.net
Fri May 15 18:45:47 CEST 2009

Am Freitag 15 Mai 2009 07:23:12 schrieb Leigh Honeywell:
> This discussion got a bit sidetracked.  I'd love to hear a bit about
> what other spaces are doing with regards to kids and workshops - have
> you had any kids do stuff like soldering in your space?  How has that
> worked out?

We really don't have younger kids in our space. But there is a sponsored event 
at festivities in our town, called "Kinderlöten" (child-soldering). It is not 
about soldering childs together (*scnr*), but showing little kids that 
frickling can be fun. Last time, the kids made little smileys with LEDs :]
There were approximately ten kids with 3 instructors. the best one, a girl 
came into our lab with her mother and soldered a more complicated project on 
her own wish.

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