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Interesting :-)

But I don't think this is a America-Europe thing (there are people from the rest of the world here also) 
The risk with a moderator is that s/he abuse her/his powers. There is a big group of people here who doen't have this problem because they have a candidate that they trust for not abusing this. I am not sure you can generalize to all Americans on the list :)

> The thing is that these two methods
> of solving the problem aren't really compatible to each other.

I respectfully disagree. The solution requires a bit of coding but what are we ? We could create a 
discuss-moderated at lists.hackerspaces.org address and a discuss-raw at lists.hackerspaces.org that would receive the same messages from both addresses but discuss-moderated would have a filter to keep out of the lawn the troublesome kids and the killed threads.

Alternatively, moderation could only be a matter of adding a tag in the headers : [TROLL] [OFFTOPIC] [ADHOMINEM] [FLAMEWAR] [KIBO]...

But I still believe that choosing to ignore a thread is something that can more easily be done by using a good email client than by moderation.

----- "Tobias Wolter" <towo at koeln.ccc.de> a écrit :

> A thing that might be worth noting:
> * Most Europeans seem to be of the opinion that a moderator is
>   unnecessary,  and that everyone can just opt out of whatever
>   rubs them wrong. The bias here seems to be that tolerate any
>   disturbing elements is favourable to risking any bias by the
>   most well-meaning moderator(s).
> * Most Americans seem to rather want a moderator for the purpo-
>   se of having someone that can step in when things get heated
>   and call people to their senses, and, if such a solution can
>   not be achieved, move problematic discussion out of the way.
> This might be a slightly biased description, but this is my re-
> ception of the situation.  The thing is that these two methods
> of solving the problem aren't really compatible to each other.
> -towo
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