[hackerspaces] Monthly Gatherings on support to P2P, free culture and network neutrality

Blackhold blackholdmailer at gmail.com
Fri May 15 13:04:54 CEST 2009

first sorry for my bad english, I'm working hard to make it more understandable.

here in spain we are doing a monthly gatherings on support to P2P
networks, free culture and network neutrality.

we have fixed a day and a time, each first saturday of the month at
19:00 (occidental european time).

the gathering of 6th june, will be the third and we have send to
lists, forums, and more communication ways a call for participation,
to do a simultanously ghatering in all over spain.

I send this e-mail to that list to see the avalability to do these
gatherings at same time all over europe, 'cause for what we are
fighting will affect all european countries and is our work to inform
to people what is happening on internet. Politics and industries wants
to control and restrict it, this musn't be possible!


in this site (in spanish) we have all information created over these gatherings.

I wish that a global gathering be possible.

thanks you much!


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