[hackerspaces] Sister hackerspaces? Expanding hackerspaces regionally

Olle Jonsson olle.jonsson at gmail.com
Fri May 15 09:04:15 CEST 2009

Dear friends, yes you, the Hackerspaces community,

I'm a typical European man, working in software. I'm in a Swedish hackerspace.

Sweden sits in a small linguistic group of a handful of neighboring
countries, the Nordic region [1].

Using a regional call-in has been fruitful to widening our can-do
perspective on "how to expand our own group".

To me, a "regional hackerspaces story" is more graspable than a global
one. What can I do to help the women and men in Bergen, Norway, or
Warsaw, Poland, get their own space? When I've heard their voices and
know their handles, that question becomes much simpler to answer. And

Does the concept of "sister hackerspace" exist anywhere? Do tell! When
we received postal mail to our hackerspace, from a little group that
was like ours, in Sweden, that had heard about us, and sent a
shoutout, we were thrilled.

best regards, and stay excellent and full of wonder,

[1] Nerd, nørd, nörd, nörtti. See? West-to-east transformation.

Olle Jonsson
Blog: http://ollehost.dk/blog

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