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Strange discussion to happen on such a list. I see people calling for censorship, I see others speaking of a "three strikes system". Really strange things to read on hackerspaces.org ML. I am usually just a reader but as there seems to be some kind of vote or consensus-making happening in a strange direction, I want to try and voice an apparently minority opinion. 

- - - I personally can ignore threads that I dislike, my bandwidth is cheap. If someone just kills off the spammers it keeps me happy.
- - - People who are not in favor of moderation on the list probably dropped from this thread at this point.
- - - There are very diverse persons here. Moderating from a single place with a single culture sets a bad precedent.
- - - Simply put : I don't know this Matt person. Probably a good guy with good intentions but I suspect that many people not from NYCResistor don't know him either. I find it worrying that there are people who are vocally voting for Matt because they know him in the physical world, giving a false sense of unanimity.
- - - I would have preferred this mail to be useless but there seems to be some kind of voting occurring, so I'll vote for : 
moderator : no
guidelines : why not

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