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Hellekin O. Wolf (/tmp/lab) hellekin at hackerspaces.org
Fri May 15 02:19:42 CEST 2009

On Thu 2009-05-14 at 19:54:56 -0400, Matt Joyce wrote:
> Firstly Paul Bohm who claims to be running the list.  "Mentally kill filed"
> an on going discussion on the list and moderation needs.  Really
> demonstrated and abject lack of responsibility and basically let us all know
> that he could care less what anyone else thinks.
> Secondly and more directly to the point.
> "*** From what I've read so far, I see that you and another person are in
> favor of pro-active moderation, while the rest are against any form of a
> priori censorship. Either, as Paul suggested, you take responsibility for
> it, or I guess we should drop the case."
> Premature end to an on going discussion that he obviously wants no part of.
> Erronous view point regarding the discussion since at least 4 people have
> directly voiced concerns regarding the method of discourse on this mailing
> list.  Specifically I cite, shardy, eric / druid, myself, and eric michauds
> comments regarding why just ignoring people is problematic (That's ignoring
> 3ric leaving the list entirely).  Also Jens and others were willing
> participants in the ongoing discussion that Paul would like to see come to
> an end in spite of the progress being made.
> Flame bait...
> "We're way beyond Johannes' stimulation for political consciousness into
> active political action (either way: for or against censorship/moderation,
> i.e. "discussion" vs. "conversation")"
> a failed attempt to draw a parallel between moderation and censorship (with
> a sudden desire to bring an unrelated and explosive topic into the mix).
> That's Flamebait.
>  Standardization of communication is the very nature of language.  We are
> not discussing censorship.  We're discussing a ruleset for standardized
> communication of ideas.  No ones ideas are being banned.  We are simply
> requesting that communication be kept to a standard that allows for
> discussion to continue on the discussion mailing list.   This point has been
> covered to death.
> Finally , a conclusion drawn from the aether...
> ". I don't think there's more need to
> discuss the matter: you want moderation, you take care of it, otherwise,
> just skip it and we resume to something else."
> And yes... I would like to see moderation taken care of an I am certain
> people are willing to step up to plate to do it.  I would volunteer myself
> if not for my very vocal support for the subject.  I feel that may
> disqualify me.
*** Look, my only point is that if you really want to moderate this list,
and you seem to want that, just do it. Nobody else will step up, certainly
not me. If the 4 or 5 of you in favor of moderation want to do it, step in,
do it, we're done. I just don't want to spend any more time arguing about
what a discussion should sound like, etc. You read it as flame bait, so be
it. I wrote it as an invitation for you to stop talking and start acting.


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