[hackerspaces] status of this list

Paul Böhm paul at boehm.org
Thu May 14 22:00:49 CEST 2009

hello from your friendly list creator,

at the moment the meta-discussion mails about moderation/killing the
thread/etc. have exceeded the mails about the actual subject roughly
by a factor of two.

killing off discussions you don't like solves the problem for you, but
does not help others who feel the need to discuss certain subjects.
there's a backlash because of that.
hopefully the discussion will wind down after a bit, but we still
won't all agree at that point.

however, seeing that we're different from each other is valuable all by itself.

in any case, this list won't become moderated since we won't be able
to find an impartial moderator.
if you want your own list on hackerspaces.org, we'd be very happy to
create one for you.


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