[hackerspaces] Thread to move: Hacking the Spaces

Seth Hardy shardy at aculei.net
Thu May 14 07:19:56 CEST 2009

>    fashion that is courteous and respectful to all.  During the
>    conversation regarding the article Johannes published there was a
>    sudden surge of ad hominem attacks and general fallacy.  What's worse
>    is that no moderator stepped in to silence the deluge of crap mails.

ad hominem attacks? you, sir, need to stop using latin words you don't 
know the meaning of, and go back to your little hackerspace with your 
soldering irons and your wii. you obviously don't understand the history 
of what's going on here, why do you believe in such nonsense?

irregardless still isn't a word, by the way.

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		but on the side of the best shot."  -- Voltaire
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