[hackerspaces] Thread to move: Hacking the Spaces

jaromil jaromil at dyne.org
Wed May 13 16:14:19 CEST 2009

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On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 02:04:34PM +0200, webmind wrote:
> Sorry,  but this  is a  discussion list,  if this  place is  not for
> discussing the history, future and theory on hackerspaces. Then what
> is it for?

"Escapism" - a word  that makes me always laugh when i  think of it: I
can't stop imagining  a room full of monkeys  on keyboards frantically
hitting the ESC key on their deck. The Escapism syndrome. :)

i agree  with Webmind  it doesn't really  makes sense to  open another
list. worst then ever, calling  it a "theory list" would fundamentally
contradict one of the novelties  of the "hacker approach": refusing to
separate theory and practice, expressing  one through the other, a 360
degrees mindset which we should take care of.

lets look  at each other  honestly: we don't  need a new list  to make
this discussion space more readable  (there are filters for that), the
only reason we'd want to make  a new list is to shift current childish
behaviour  to another  space. The  long  term drawback  will be  that,
whenever someone will dare to "speak theory" here or there or anywhere
else,  will be  sent in  the theory  corner, which  i find  real scary
considering that a mere theory-less executor is just a Robot.

i'm also surprised that people on  this list fall on top of each other
so fast: every hacker has  been through lots of online discussions, we
should  have  grown a  thick  skin by  now...  so  please people  keep
patient, use sense of humour and don't take yourself too seriously.

as a  last consideration  on the  dynamic of this  list: we  are still
acting  as  if  someone would  be  hosting  us  here, so  while  being
overwhelmed  by a somehow  hotter dialectic  process, the  hosts might
feel  worried about  keeping the  sheeps in  the yard,  take decisions
impromptu and  dismantle a dialectic process. this  dynamic worries me
about the validity of this  discussion space: a "peer 2 peer approach"
to  untie the  knots in  general  would be  a much  better pattern  to
follow, if you know what i mean....


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