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Matt Joyce mdjoyce at gmail.com
Wed May 13 18:42:28 CEST 2009

As a special courtesy to the list and to those of you who are unprepared or
are not accepting of the nature of this email I am including the following
disclaimer.  This email contains trolls.  If you feel you are unable to
continue reading this without being baited or made to look a fool by
responding to it, I would hope you would see fit as to cease reading
immediately and delete the contents of this message.  That is all thank you.

Dear self aggrandizing jerkfaced politicos.

   In spite of repeated attempts to remain open minded, and courteous to
people who I have disagreed with, you have seen fit to summarily dismiss my
beliefs and opinions as wrong.  Obviously as you have clearly stated
repeatedly I am an idiot.  My knowledge of geography and understanding of
the more subtle points of the social sciences have become blunted.  I would
blame my American upbringing for this, but no doubt you have already done
that for me.  Of course the fact that some of that upbringing occurred in
the other America you folks so often forget about, I may be unwise in doing

  Irregardless!  It is now up to me to immediately bring my personal
politics into play concerning NYCResistor.  If I do not do this I will face
the continued harassment and general ridicule of this list.  I do not want
that.  I care what you all think of me and your dismissive and accusatory
words burn into my eyes like a hot soldering iron of rage fluxed vehemence (
not lead free either ).  I cannot withstand the awesome onslaught of your
arguments.  I will seek a detente through the adoption of your ways.

   I consider myself to be torn between the political theories of monarchism
and the benevolent dictatorship.  As such I revise my previous posts
concerning NYCResistor to fall into line with these political theories.

   The mandate of the heavens is with us.  God in his infinite impedence and
overwhelming gain has saw fit to entrust with us his ultimate providence.
Our hackerspace is a holy writ descended upon the heretical hordes of man
with holy impunity seated upon our right hand and incontrovertable truth
upon our left.  The grace of our lord and savior shines upon our brow and as
we steep ourselves in the unclean waters of this mailing list.  We cry songs
of war and gallantry!  We will crush our enemies, see them driven before us,
and to hear the lamentation of their women.  This is what is best in
hackerspaces.  And I for one will deny the mandate of the people no longer.
The unclean must become accolytes of our way or be cut down as the infidels
they are.  Join with me brothers as we accept to shoulder the yoke of this
divine mandate.  We will become leaders of men, and woe shall come to the
lips of our enemies.

   Indeed, thank you brothers for opening my eyes to this truth.  If not for
your persistence I could never have come to this revelation.  I will thank
you by freeing you of your sins.  Join with me as I rise to greatness, or
fall upon my blade and live in darkness no more.  The choice is yours.

  All hail me!  All hail me!

  Oh yes, now I get it.  This hackerspaces are political thing.  I totally
understand now.

  Thank you for opening my eyes.


   Emperor of NYCResistor and Defender of the International Hackerspaces
   His Royal Eminence God King Matt Malloc of the Corrupted Joyce

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 4:58 AM, 3ric Johanson <3ricj at shmoo.com> wrote:

> I don't have the bandwidth or further need for this list.  It's being
> procmailed to a folder I will likely never check.  If something needs my
> attention, please cc me directly.
> Also, any further hate mail hitting my personal inbox off list will
> likely just get saved for blackmail purposes & publication, so feel free
> to just keep sending the love. </sarcasm>
> My elitist privileged butt is outa here,
> -3ricj
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