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Tue May 12 01:27:30 CEST 2009

Mike, I think a great many people would steadfastly disagree with your
opinion.  So much so that they would strongly believe the exact inverse.

On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 7:23 PM, Michael Zeltner <m at niij.org> wrote:

> 2009/5/11 Aldert Hazenberg <aldert at rotz.org>:
> > Don't feed the (communist) Troll !
> Wow. I actually signed up to this list because I'm genuinely
> interested in exchange on this topic (rather than exchange on how to
> set a hackerspace up).
> I think the drama that it sparked is a huge misunderstanding on the
> part of the people that escalated this "discussion". Even though the
> text looks at the issues from a clear leftist point of view, it
> doesn't automatically make the "call" that it resulted in a one to
> exaggerated political unity. So calm down guys.
> As I see it, it is much more a call to _consciousness_ than a call to
> arms. I don't see a specific political agenda promoted. Diversity
> shouldn't be a political issue anymore, but the bare fucking minimum
> any social space should look into. After all, what I wish this thing
> would do is get everybody (that hasn't considered it yet but is
> interested in it) to ponder the grander scheme of things and make up
> their minds on their own. "Theory is a toolkit to analyze and
> deconstruct the world." call it gdb for the real world if you want,
> but making the information and tools around this available is crucial.
> It doesn't turn you into Greenpeace nor internet-rights activists, it
> doesn't make you left, liberal, right or anything else, it would just
> create a whole new level of self-awareness. And a rejection of that
> would be fatal in my eyes.
> Michael
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