[hackerspaces] Thread for living: "Hacking it all"

Michael Zeltner m at niij.org
Tue May 12 01:23:10 CEST 2009

2009/5/11 Aldert Hazenberg <aldert at rotz.org>:
> Don't feed the (communist) Troll !

Wow. I actually signed up to this list because I'm genuinely
interested in exchange on this topic (rather than exchange on how to
set a hackerspace up).

I think the drama that it sparked is a huge misunderstanding on the
part of the people that escalated this "discussion". Even though the
text looks at the issues from a clear leftist point of view, it
doesn't automatically make the "call" that it resulted in a one to
exaggerated political unity. So calm down guys.

As I see it, it is much more a call to _consciousness_ than a call to
arms. I don't see a specific political agenda promoted. Diversity
shouldn't be a political issue anymore, but the bare fucking minimum
any social space should look into. After all, what I wish this thing
would do is get everybody (that hasn't considered it yet but is
interested in it) to ponder the grander scheme of things and make up
their minds on their own. "Theory is a toolkit to analyze and
deconstruct the world." call it gdb for the real world if you want,
but making the information and tools around this available is crucial.

It doesn't turn you into Greenpeace nor internet-rights activists, it
doesn't make you left, liberal, right or anything else, it would just
create a whole new level of self-awareness. And a rejection of that
would be fatal in my eyes.


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