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marc marc at hacklaviva.net
Mon May 11 20:51:13 CEST 2009

'economy' it's been hijacked by neoclasical/capitalist through their  
mass medias and instead of calling it "mainstream economics" or  
"centralist economics", they refer to it as "economy" , (=the other  
'economies' you need to adjectivize them..)
i'm fed up of it and i want to jump in flame when i read 'economy' or  
"$ is tech" anywhere.

With "politics" is the same thing, guys, we are basically so fed up  
with the medias bloat-malware telling us everyday about the trips of  
the "profesional" partidist-parlamentarist politicans (or the  
"smartest" economists)... or hurt about some other vanguardisms that  
anytime we read the word 'politics' or 'economy' we dump our pain  
about the centralism... buut by doing so we can be tabuizing  
discusions about "real" politics, or "real" economies...

if someone opens a hackerspace for just debugging Vista or build  
privative apps or for cracking webs, we'll need to unlink according to  
X, wouldn't we?...
For me forcing "entrance$ or pay $ as you go" in spaces it's not a  
hacker one, despite its hipothetic high or low techism.
same for the 'not for sleeping(falaced: not as a room/house)' issue.

but that's me saying this who could always fork on HSs if they are not  
what i feel like to be a hacker and have the right to open discusions  
that not interested ones can ignore.

peace, love and hack it all

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