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As some of you know, Polaroid stopped producing instant film las year. 
There is an initiative going on to start producing an independent  
instant film alternative for use by artists. This group has acquired the 
last Polaroid instant film factory in The Netherlands and is attempting 
to make instant film stock without the assistance of Polaroid or 
directly copying their now defunct products. Basically they are trying 
to clone Polaroid instant film.

If anyone is interested in helping them, the latest bulletin is attached 
below. I know they need help with some of the chemistry components, but 
probably also getting the old production line to be more efficient. It 
wasn't that people weren't buying the film, it was just too expensive to 
produce because the manufacturing method was about 100 years old.

I use Polaroid a lot. I have a couple boxes left in the refrigerator, 
but when they're gone they're gone, and my amazing Polaroid 440 camera 
from 1968 will be useless. If anyone can pitch in on this project, it 
would be appreciated by a massive number of artists around the world.


- LexIcon

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· Re-inventing instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras ·
the IMPOSSIBLE project <http://www.the-impossible-project.com/>
Dear supporters of The Impossible Project. We've been overwhelmed by the 
incredible support and the zillions of warm and inspiring lines we 
received during the past weeks. True to the fact that the countdown is 
ticking and remaining time melts like butter in the sun, we are 129% 
concentrating on losing the IM in IMPOSSIBLE and have not been able to 
personally reply to all the mails. Please forgive us!
Updates from Enschede
some pictures from Enschede <http://www.the-impossible-project.com/>
While the former Polaroid factory in Enschede, a small town located in 
the far east of the Netherlands has quickly become our second home, 
we've managed to make a few updates to our site, most notably a News 
Feed <http://www.the-impossible-project.com/> on the homepage. Our core 
team will be posting regular updates, project challenges and anything 
worth sharing we come across in the world of instant photography.
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We're seeking experts
*Think you know something about latex?*
The first challenge we'd like to open up to the more scientific folk out 
there is a call for help to find a special Latex needed for the film's 
timing layer.

The purpose of the timing layer is to delay the neutralization for a 
short defined period of time, say 2 minutes. In order to coat this 
timing layer, we are searching for Latex that should be easy to coat on 
a gelatin base.

View more details <http://www.the-impossible-project.com/#challenge> 

Impossible press
Last but not least, the response from the media has almost become an 
impossible project in itself - a welcome one of course. It's been 
extremely encouraging to receive this volume of publicity and only makes 
us want to work harder. For us, it's another sign of how strong, magic 
and vivid Instant photography really is.
More coming soon, please stay tuned!

with analog love

The Impossible team
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