[hackerspaces] Vetting new members

Philippe Langlois philippe.langlois at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 22:30:14 CEST 2009

at /tmp/lab, we are heavily thinking of keeping addicts and criminals  
OUT of the lab at _any_ cost...

addicts to TV, who need their daily dose of drama and braindead programs
addicts to passiveness, who scorn at people who are a bit "too much"  
and who have many projects
criminals of not thinking what they say, and not saying what they think
snobbish criminals who eat energy of other members and downplay ideas

ahahhaha... definition and antagony, oh my goat, what a beautiful  
world we live in

We often say, "well, c'mon, rob the lab, anyway everything in there  
has been more or less recycled and donated to us, so there's not much  
of real value in it...".
Of course, that would be a pain.

Actually, I think that at some point, some rules or way of thinking  
or cultural DNA will not suit some people, and there, we say "Cool,  
you should start your own hacker space then, we can help!"
and that is great. Do NOT GROW, SPREAD.

So, like living cells, divide, multiply, mutate.

Mitosis is good.

Love to all,

PS: on the other hand, mycosis is bad. Who's going to wash the shower  
this time???

On 22 Jul 2009, at 09:38, webmind wrote:

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> jaromil wrote:
> <a lot of sensible stuff>
>> i can witness  Harry also makes use of very  good drugs, namely  
>> Triple
>> Trappist, and  yes his  influence is  so bad that  he got  me  
>> addicted
>> too. beware of those monks, should  be vetted out of any space  
>> indeed!
>> noone can redeem us anymore!
> I'd also like to say that I'm quite happy with the drug addictions in
> germanny which is now also spreading to the netherlands, belgium  
> and the
> united states. One that is probably some hacklabs their main income of
> funds[1].
> And also ASCII in past was mainly powered by drug consumption[2].
> These two different drugs, one a more soft kind, the other definitly a
> hard drug where and are probably driving motors or atleast  
> energysources
> behind hacklabs/hackerspaces. One could contemplate this works for  
> other
> drugs aswell[3]? ;)
> All jokes aside, I do not like drug-usage very much, although I might
> use one or two once in a while. I do fully agree with the  
> sentiments of
> harry, jaromil, albi, steve. I think drug -usage- shouldn't exclude
> people, neither do I think background checks are a very nice and
> trustworty thing(besides unreliable) and that one should start with a
> beginning of trust(inlcuding giving people a (second) chance). If we
> asume people are out to get us, they ought to be. :)
> My 2ct,
> w.
> [1] club-mate
> [2] beer
> [3] <censored>
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