[hackerspaces] [hackerspaces-announce] BruCon in Brussels, Sept. 09

quemener.yves at free.fr quemener.yves at free.fr
Fri Jul 3 12:23:51 CEST 2009

>> We are looking  for a cheaper venue in Brussels  and are just trying
>> to survive  our first edition. If  enough people come,  we can lower
>> our prices  next year. If you  have connections in  Brussels, let us
>> know. We welcome all help and feedback!!!
> the venue is the problem?
> it is not  the first time i  hear that. but then why  don't you detail
> that publicly?

Just a quick reply to say that this point deserves to be repeated again and again : A non-profit event/organization has a lot of interest into disclosing its incomes/costs publicly. I remember being a student and thinking that everything ought to be free. Show us the cost problems you need to solve. Make your problems our problems, it will help us make our money your money ;-)

> i think you  are entitled to publish the costs  and to highlight these
> problems, then more people will acknowledge and it will hopefully be a
> step to make things better and more reasonable for everyone.

I think that detailing the cost structures can really help make it lower. People lending things instead of renting them, offering couch-surfing, etc... 

> i got a sip from Astera and Philippe. cheers :) i like Duvel, still my
> favourite export is Chimay ;)

Chimay rules !


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