[hackerspaces] insuring a hackerspace

Meredith Garniss Mgarniss at willoughbybaltic.com
Tue Jan 27 16:43:36 CET 2009

At Willoughby and Baltic we also have a metal and wood fabrication
facility, so we had to get 2 million in liability insurance. The
insurance rate was calculated by the square footage and the type of

Additionally, we needed to decide if we would be responsible for
insuring any products developed by our members. For example, if
someone makes a kit that looks like a toy, and a child under three
gets a hold of an LED and swallows it, are you liable because it was
produced and distributed by your hackerspace?

Our responsibility towards physical products developed and sold
through our space was a big concern for the insurance company. It will
probably be an issue to be dealt with again in the near future at
Willoughby and Baltic.

Willoughby and Baltic

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