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Sat Jan 10 00:08:39 CET 2009

There are two ways I could see this going: wiki, or some kind of
centralized data structure.

A wiki would be useful because it is, in general, intuitive and easy
for anyone to update. It can also merge into the rest of the wiki
quite well.

On the other hand, I could see the use of a central data store whose
output could be visualized in a number of ways. A monthly (or yearly)
calendar output (using yui or whatever suits you), an rss stream,
outputs to thunderbird/outlook, etc. A lot of people would benefit
from a filterable stream of events either pertaining to their
interests or in their area.

The former is easy, but not as distributable. The latter is extremely
useful, but rightfully is more complex and requires planning (how do
you insert new events? Who inserts them? Who decides what events are

Perhaps someone could put up the former as a quick solution, and then
grok the latter as a cool project idea?


On 1/9/09, Matt <brimstone at the.narro.ws> wrote:
> On Fri, 2009-01-09 at 16:50 -0500, Leigh Honeywell wrote:
>> I'm not quite seeing what the use case for this is.  Why not just point
>> to the calendars run by the individual spaces?  Then we don't have to
>> worry about who uses Mediawiki and who uses Google Calendar and who
>> scratches dates on a slate tablet :)
> After talking with ruebezahl in #hackerspaces. I propose there just be a
> |calendar= property (or |ics=) on the hackerspaces template for spaces
> to say where their ICS formatted feed lives. The ICS format has
> provisions for lat/long. There needs to be a script or something
> aggregating all of these events from the spaces into a database. Another
> web facing script could then allow searches based on a point and a
> radius and export those results into an ICS format as well. This
> shouldn't be that difficult to setup, and allows the spaces to use
> whatever they want for managing their calendars. I have yet to use a
> calendar client that doesn't have ICS support.
> #matt

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