[hackerspaces] Hackerspaces talk at BIL? and... definitions/words

Harv S. harv at subsignal.org
Tue Jan 6 15:29:16 CET 2009

On Tue, 06 Jan 2009 14:42:09 +0100
das ende der nahrungskette <jg at monochrom.at> wrote this:

> > > >Freedom of choice is the Alpha and Omega of a human existence.
> > >
> > > ouch, that sounds a little bit to liberalish to me.
> >
> >don't know what you mean?!
> >
> > > but i guess i should not start political discussions here.
> >
> >why not? talking to clearify issues between different opinions of
> >individuals is considered to be a good thing ;)
> well, i’m not sure if this is really the 
> appropriate place to discuss, but i don’t believe 
> in freedom as dictated by liberal concepts (and it’s alphas and omegas).

end of the food chain is also liberal positioning within evolutionary

but to sum it up and maybe clarify it a bit .. 

i only wanted to say that every individual or a group has right to choose
to be part of, in our case, hacker spaces/places .. so opt for choice in
or out or mode ignore...be part of it or not...i do not mean to be
destructive at all there.

i see it wrong if its justified as a"movement" ..and you are not
in..meaning you do not exist, which could be unfortunate case..

"core" was solved and debugged imho. by Phillipe and Astera.

 and a-z or alpha - omega was not meant to position me or us anywhere near
 any political field - just to say that we do have free choice. and it is
 what makes us what we are today. it was meant as an essence of being

> to sum up my rant. my personal sacred cow is 
> solidarity, not freedom. you know, i’m leftist.

sounds like Lemmings to me.

but i am pretty far out of positioning myself in frame of left-right-
center-liberal-conservative-put your fav political panning here...

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