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das ende der nahrungskette jg at monochrom.at
Tue Jan 6 14:42:09 CET 2009

> > >Freedom of choice is the Alpha and Omega of a human existence.
> >
> > ouch, that sounds a little bit to liberalish to me.
>don't know what you mean?!
> > but i guess i should not start political discussions here.
>why not? talking to clearify issues between different opinions of
>individuals is considered to be a good thing ;)

well, i’m not sure if this is really the 
appropriate place to discuss, but i don’t believe 
in freedom as dictated by liberal concepts (and it’s alphas and omegas).

liberal ideology is the ideology of so-called 
personal freedom. and i highly distrust the very 
concept of personal freedom. especially in a 
world where there is not a single inch of 
space-time left where you can be really free. 
freedom of choice? we live in a world of late 
capitalism, a world based on a very strict and 
planetwide economic doctrine that leaves no 
freedoms. it’s like a bloated deep-sea sponge 
absorbing dissent and rebranding it as openness.

the “ideology of the free” is the ideology of the 
“powerful individual” who happens to be at the 
right place at the right time to grab its chance 
­ and if not, well: too bad (you lazy bastard!). 
the “individual” is a bloody abstract metaphor of 
a blood-soaked ideology, used and re-used and 
mis-used to sell “rights” for “free people”. it 
is a blurred generalization of the life and the 
economic values and the political interests and 
powers and politics of the bourgeois (or to sound 
modern: middle class), who always win the 
economic war waged on the poor and exploited. 
sometimes there are some classy members of this 
classy class structure who sometimes feel 
compassion for the poor, for the homeless, for 
the oppressed - passing out dimes on the street 
(or some abstract basic rights or schools or 
prisons to be re-socialized within) to show how 
much they really care. well. freedom of 
expression does cover freedom of exploitation.

to sum up my rant. my personal sacred cow is 
solidarity, not freedom. you know, i’m leftist.

all the best

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